Week 2 The Road To My Career

My desired career would to be a 3D artist for a games company, I have researched many job roles on gamesindustry.biz and I found that there were plenty of jobs in this area.

Aardvark Swift wanted a Games Artist to work in the London branch, they had a few stipulations on skills required for this job but didn’t state any formal qualifications for this post.

The job role required:

  1. Excellence in design and digital illustration
  2. The ability to generate quick concepts and ideas
  3. The applicant must be creative and have an imaginative mind-set  with great attention to detail.
  4. An up to date and excellent portfolio
  5. Self initiated projects
  6. An understanding of the online world and multi platforms
  7. And to adhere the branding and existing style guidelines.
  8. Take direction and critique.
  9. Work in a team.

I have found three courses that offer the desired skills to be able to make progress within the games industry.

The first I found was a BA(Hons) in Computer Games Arts at UCA in Farnham: The entry requirements for this course is 220 UCAS points plus 5 GCSE’s grade C or above and a portfolio.

The second course I found is right here in Canterbury at the University of Kent, it is a BA(hons) in Digital Arts. The entry requirements for this course are a Distinction being the best but they will accept a merit being the minimum from a BTEC level 3.

The last course is on that someone I know has recently completed which is a BA(Hons)  Computer Games Modelling and Animation at the University of Derby. The entry requirements for this course is 280 UCAS points plus an extra 40 points from a level 3 qualification.

The course I am currently doing is Games Development, I needed to have 5 GCSE’s at C or above or an equivalent qualification.


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