Term 3: Week 3: Legal Requirements and Health and Safety

3D Modelling

Do’s and Don’ts in the following areas for specialist area:-

  1. Copyright
  2. Intellectual property
  3. Contracts and Commissions
  4. Permissions
  5. Health and Safety and Risk Assessment


For this area any model created should be my own, copyright gives me the sole rights for anything I see fit to do with it e.g. distribution.  To take something of someone else’s and pass it off as my own is plagiarism.

Once an idea has a physical representation such as a design document or a prototype then it can be copyrighted.

Don’t take/copy anyone’s idea or try and recreate it if they have shown you a design document or prototype.

Do protect your work by having documentation and evidence that you are the original creator.

Intellectual Property

If I work for a company, any models I make during that time is the property of the company I work for and I cannot do anything with it even if the ideas used were originally mine.

This also means that any ideas that I have while having a team working for me means they cannot do anything with them in the way of taking them and distributing them themselves for example.

Do patent an idea or trademark to protect your work.

Don’t take the work you are working on from a company that is created on their time or their idea.

Contracts and Commissions

Freelance: – This is a contact that is for a fixed period of time e.g. the length of a project.

Fixed: – Time based contract. e.g. temporary for example temp staff at Christmas in retail.

Permanent: – This is a permanent job (secure or tenure as spoken about in the Big Bang Theory) a job that will always be there until one is fired or quits or ends the contract by mutual agreement.

  1. Don’t skip the terms and conditions section of a contract.
  2. Do negotiate on some terms if you can if you are not happy with the,.
  3. Do get someone in the legal profession to look at it if you can before you sign.


Who is allowed to use your work is really important, in regards to texturing any images you need to use for texturing either need to be paid for (royalties) or give that person credit for the textures being used belong to the person who created them.

  1. Don’t take other peoples’ work without asking.
  2. Don’t use people’s work and not give them credit even though you have permission to use it.
  3. Do ask permission to take photo’s if required.
  4. Do ask permission to use anything that belongs to other people. e.g./ location, property, software etc.

Health and Safety and Risk Assessment

Legal requirements that promote safe working environments and risk assessments and what can be done to minimise risk to employees.

  1. Do take regular breaks (including micro-breaks).
  2. Do make sure that cables are secure.
  3. Do test equipment regularly.
  4. Do minimise stress by creating a relaxing atmosphere, exercise and organize workload appropriately.
  5. Do know your fire exits and emergency meeting point.
  6. Don’t ignore health and safety rules e.g. lifting heavy objects.
  7. Don’t have food or drink near electrical equipment.





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