Unit 9 and 10

Unit 9.3.2

I have learned a lot about myself in the past year while being a college, I have developed skills and learnt new ones. Boundaries have been pushed in regards to my capabilities and my dedication to this course has been stretched but that, my long term goals and support that I have received so far as allowed me to achieve a place on the second year of this course.

So, my strengths and weaknesses…. I see my creativity as both, I get an idea and run with it and think that I have more time than I actually do. This is proven throughout the first year with the Art Gallery project in term one, the walls were not textured and in the FMP where I was having to work late and get up really early just to make sure I had enough time to finish it in time so setting individual deadlines more frequently is something I will have to do this year and less is more in terms of smaller projects with more attention to detail. As for strengths my creativity lets me build upon my ideas to create things and come up with solutions to problems or tasks set.

At the beginning of the year my goals were to complete the course, and yes I wrote that. I have three children and work part time so completing that in itself is a major go9al for me. There are other things too besides that, I went to South Kent College when I was 19 (just finished an Advanced GNVQ in ICT with a distinction) So I wanted to go on to do Multimedia Computing, the first year was basic, PC Tools, Mathematics for computers, hardware and a couple of others, I passed all with flying colours, except maths. I did this year twice, I wanted the opportunity to do multimedia which was the second year at Christchurch but couldn’t due to failing maths (I do have a C in maths GCSE) …. Twice!!! So I took a break, did an Open University course in programming and business studies (Not Maths). So doing this course is called finishing what I started. I will succeed and get to where I want to be.

Sure at the beginning of this course when I started I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do, I love art so it would be something in that area but I just think 3D and 2D art is awesome and I found that out here, in my first few weeks in year one. I also enjoyed doing sound as it adds so much depth, so my goal was to become an Indie Developer as with a young family it would be quite tricky to commute for work and I know what Uni I want to go too and what course but my son has just started at Grammar School and a move would mean he would have to attend a mainstream school which wouldn’t be fair, so that is on hold.

My goals did evolve in a way I suppose from not being entirely sure on what I wanted to do within the games industry to wanting to become a 3D artist.

My career goals are simple, I want to be a 3D artist, to do this I am going to be an Indie Developer due to constraints on my time. My short term goal is to become a 3D artist in my own time. Medium goal would be to become successful at what I do whether I end up like Notch (I wish) or work for a company like SuckerPunch Studios but to go abroad for a Job would be amazing.

The first year was a learning curve for me and it was a bit difficult in places due to childcare arrangements in which I almost had to stop…. Almost. I managed to sort that out though which was awesome (I like this word). I could of worked harder and I now understand and can see from my FMP that less is more, I could of spent less time on developing a big project and more time trying to add in the small details that would of made it so much more, because even though it did some fancy things (which did help the story a bit) the way the story was told could have been so much better if I had thought about the content and maybe not showing off as much.

Research and Analyse a Character 09.1.1 

Dr Robotnik



This character is short and stocky, his clothes are red, black and yellow which depicts danger. He also has a collar which is in the shape of triangles and his moustache is also very pointed. Dr Robotnik has a pointed chin, no visible neck and a bald head.

The colors within his costume say a lot. He is wearing a red and yellow top which depicts danger/warning and his black trousers can represent death, evil or authority, this also goes hand in hand with his machines which have a black and yellow strips around it.


Dr. Ivo “eggman” Robotnik (eggman due to his shape according to the Nintendo game handbook in Japan) is human and is supposed to be one of the smartest on earth due to him displaying a mastery in Robotics. He acts like a child quite often and loves his machines which is demonstrated in the Sonic the Hedgehog games. Dr. Robotnik captures all the animals on South Island in the original game and encapsulates them in one of his machines and Sonic has to defeat him to rescue the animals.

So as you can see Dr Robotnik likes to turn the island animals into machines.


Dr Robotnik is not known to walk or run in this game as every time he is seen he is in one of his machines as shown above, he does move his head though, this is possibly due to limited resources in the way of space. In the later games he is shown to have more movement, like in Tennis Superstars, he actually plays Tennis.


As far as I am aware Dr Robotnik has a deep gruff voice, but in the game I used to play (classic Sonic) Dr Robotnik never spoke.

Audience for that Character:

Seeing as it is a retro game and a new game at the same time then I would of thought that the character audience is people of all ages as is has that appeal. I enjoy doing the mazes and collecting the chaos emeralds and I am sure that children like to play the 3D games that involve Sonic, Tails and Knuckles and defeating Dr Robotnik in different platforms from 2D and 3D games, not forgetting to mention Sonic Super Star Tennis when the option to play or defeat Dr Robotnik is already there.

Prishe from FFXI



Prishe is Elvan and so has pointed ears, her clothes depict that she is a bit of a tomboy in regards to her clothes being similar to that of a male character from FFXI. She has purple long hair and wears little jewelry except for the amulet which helps her control her thoughts due to the crystalized darkness within he chest when she was baptized in the Tavnazia cathedral by the Eye of Altana.

Prishe’s hair and shirt is purple, purple is depicted as a supernatural color as wizards etc. where purple and Prishe doesn’t age so the colour is suited. Her black shorts and coat I think are a sign of authority as they are embellished with gold. Prishe has an important role to play in the fate of Van’Diel.


“A girl once referred to as “that detestable child”, Prishe has been raised by the cardinal and schooled in the ways of theology…”

Prishe is a Tomboy, Loud, impatient and excitable like a child. Throughout Chains of Promthia she has a few mood swings and at the end of the chapter she can be quite clearly seen as depressed which may be linked to her destiny and past. The fact that she is known as the “Detestable Child” has had an effect of her personality. Monsters stay away from her and most damage dealt to her gives her little injuries and she doesn’t age, so maybe that her appearance of being young and the fact that she was kept locked up in the Tavnazia Cathedral for so many years had an impact on her personality so when she was finally allowed to leave the Cathedral she was impatient to see what the world beyond the walls of the was like which lead her to be totally impatient and excitable.


Prishe is always dramatic with her movements, comes across as passionate for her cause or frustrated with the current situation.  In cut scenes within the game she is either ready to fight or is running because of her destiny, she has almost given up on her life as she feels she is just a tool to save Van’diel so is constantly being impatient, loud and demanding which is shown within her movements.


In final fantasy characters’ don ‘t actually speak with audio but through text displayed at the bottom of the screen, this is due to the international audience he game has. Is easier to have the game display the characters’ speech as text, plus when in a linkshell players like to talk to each other to organize skirmish’s etc. and audio from NPC’s would detract from the experience. Even though she doesn’t say anything verbally you can get a feel of what her voice might be like by her actions and personality.

Audience for that Character:

The audience of the character is mainly adults as it is a monthly subscription MMO.

Was there a correlation between the above characteristics?

Yes, I believe there is, Dr. Robotnik comes across as a mad scientist and a bit childish, he is very clever as he has a very high I.Q, this correlates to his appearance, his love for machines is seen throughout the games with the animals being turned into robotic versions of there former selves and the Dr. riding around on machines. Prishe is also childish due to her confinement within the Tavnazia Cathedral and defiance for her destiny.


Changing a character to suit another age group

9.1.1 / 10.1.1

I used Inkscape to create this image. I chose Prishe because I really enjoy playing Final Fantasy and think she is a great character. To create her character for a younger demographic I chose the My Little Pony franchise as they have a character with similar personality traits like Sunset Shimmer.

I changed the colour of the pony to the colours of Prishe and took the Amulet that Prishe wears and made it into a cutie mark. For the shadow I duplicated the pony, flipped it, Turned down the opacity and skewed it to make it look like a shadow. I then found a background image of a forest from My Little Pony and placed them on top as separate layers.

Prishe from FFX


Prishe is a bit of a tomboy, she is impatient, loud, stubborn and acts like a child. People think she is a demon because she never ages but this is because she when she was baptized in the cathedral by the Eye of Atlana and the darkness in her heart crystalized.

I feel that Prishe’s character can relate to that of Maleficent, in the original story Maleficent turned evil after a lack of invitation the Princess Aurora’s christening but in two twists, one in the movie Angelina Jolie starred Maleficent was a protagonist and protected the Moors from human kind as she was originally a fairy. Maleficent turned because she fell in love with a boy called Stefan who burned off her wings so he could be king.

Maleficent put a curse on King Stefan’s daughter, Aurora, but develops a maternal love for the child as she saves her so the curse could be completed, this love enables Maleficent to save Aurora from her own curse, Aurora restores Maleficent’s wings and the two Kingdoms are united after King Stefan is defeated and Aurora becomes Queen.

In Once upon a time, Maleficent was heartbroken after she lost the love of her life and scorched the land, she laid an egg which was stolen from her by Prince Charming and Snow White, Maleficent lost her child and became angry with this. The Dark One (Rumpelstiltskin) made a deal to help but didn’t and in doing so Maleficent turned to Prince Charming and Snow White for help and was reunited with her daughter.

So, in all of these stories, Maleficent is thought to be evil, just like Prishe, but she actually isn’t. Maleficent is misunderstood and maybe plays up to this to keep her distance to save herself from hurt.

In Prishe’s story it is slightly different, she is misunderstood, like Maleficent, but Prishe wants to be near people as she was kept away for so long, it’s just people are scared of her so stay away, so maybe in one sense, not so different.

For the alternative target audience, I tried to find a younger age range as Prishe is from a MMO and the target audience is mainly adults and seeing as FFXI is made by a Japanese company I can safely say targeted towards the more male side of things.

The target audience I decided to go for was female, 8 – 11, any background, those who are into Monster High, My little Pony, Bratz etc.

I started to think of personalities that I had come across while watching these kind of programs with my children (and nieces), two characters and their personalities struck me as similar from My Little Pony and that is Diamond Tiara and Sunset Shimmer.

Sunset Shimmer                  Diamond Tiara

sunset_shimmer_vector      dt1

They both have similar personalities but I feel Diamond Tiara is just a spoilt rich kid who won’t change. Whereas Sunset Shimmer actually has similar issues to that of Prishe and Maleficent which is clearly shown in Equestria Girls. I found a pony which had wings, those similar to what a bat may have. I kept to the colour scheme of Prishe in regards to the purples she has in her hair, eyes and clothes and added these to the pony. I changed the cutie mark on her rump to that of the amulet she wears as that is a reminder of who she is so I feel was apt.

Prishe’s Amulet and Cutie Mark






http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1843230/ – Once upon a time (series 5)

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1587310/ – Maleficent

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0053285/ – Sleeping Beauty

Lego Franchise Report 9.1.1 , 10.1.1

Batman Lego Movie


Everyone is the audience for Lego, from the Afol’s to the new generations who get in to Lego along the way, from boys to girls and everyone in between.

Anyone who is a fan of Lego can watch the movies, they are designed for everyone, just like Disney/Pixar movies, they are suitable for children but add subtle jokes for the adults. I love Lego movies, I don’t see anyone demographic or age range being singled out when it comes to Lego which keeps in touch with their ethos.

I like this genre, my kids like this genre, it may not appeal to horror movie fans but children do and it doesn’t matter if you are a girl just because it is Batman, yes boys will probably enjoy it more but then that is down to stereotyping and most girls will grow up with Lego friends now (which I see Lego friends as segregating boys from girls when it comes to Lego when they should of stuck with Lego for all, which is a shame). My daughter plays with Lego and loves Spiderman and has Batman shoes because that is what she chooses and likes.

They have adapted the style well for a Lego game, the characters fall apart like Lego does when they are killed in the game, there is no gore, the characters come back to life really quickly and the fight style is almost comical that it doesn’t seem violent or nasty.

The Joker has also been changed to be more kid friendly, the Heath Ledger Joker is so gruesome this time around that they had to change his appearance for the game.

In the game he seems almost comical like a clown but still looks enough like the Joker so he still comes across as a criminal.

In regards to Lego Indiana Jones game they had to adapt this from the movies as Nazis are inappropriate for young children so Lego changed the uniforms to make them normal soldiers.

The games are consistent across the board when it comes to violence etc. The costumes are decent and appropriate for the age range as you can see from the Princess Leia Lego character below. lego-star-wars-minifigur-prinzessin-leia-festlich-2011


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Character Study – Ryu and Birdie – 9.1.1 9.1.2 10.1.2

This task required me to take a clip of Birdie’s and Ryu’s moves and put them into 3ds max so I could animate a 3D rigged model using CAT rigs.

It was a bit of a daunting task at first but once I had done the idle of Ryu it didn’t seem so bad.

The first step was to create a plane and add the clip to it using the material editor. I then set the pose ready so I could start manipulating the character into the positions I wanted to make it look like Ryu’s idle etc.

I did this by going into the motion tab and adding a layer to which i am going to animate. I then click the stop button and the auto key button and then I started moving the bones of the character at the correct moments so it matches with the clip in the plane.

Once I had finished it I then rendered it out to an avi.

I was happier with the Ryu animations as I found the Birdie one a bit more tricky to do because of the charging headbutt move.

Pixel Art

For this task we had to create a pixel art version of Ryu and Birdie. We created a still of their basic stance and created a silhouette of them and then built up the colours gradually until it resembled something like the characters in there stances.

In Photoshop we created a small grid to work from and filled it with one colour using a pencil of 1 pixel and on separate  layers we built up parts of the characters by starting off with a silhouette and then defining the character with the colours of its colour palette until it represented Ryu and Birdie.

The idea of this exercise was learning about characters and there palettes which make them recognizable. Mario was like this when it first came out, this was because of the limitations it had to deal with in regards to storage.

ryu birdie

I like how this turned out, I started to adapt this to make it into a pixel animation but I made a few mistakes with the layers and it didn’t quite go according to plan.

They look like Ryu and Birdie but I feel that Birdie could of been made a bit clearer if I had a bit more time to spend on it.

Legal and Ethical Considerations 9.1.1


Capcom created a character called Mike Bison, he was a black African American boxer, to stave of a lawsuit because of copyright, they changed his name to Balrog as there were too many similarities between the characters. They added that the characters were separate on the character list as well to make sure they avoided a major lawsuit.


Capcom don’t have a lot when it comes to being ethical, they base their characters very similar to other characters like Balrog and Dee Jay. These characters don’t always represent the races that they base them off in a true fashion. This is down to dress, mannerisms and culture etc. Elena is apparently based on Storm from Marvel.

Decency and representation

The women in this game are designed in a way to be attractive to men which isn’t very decent, it objectifies women, they are wearing skimpy outfits, are slim and have big breasts.

They haven’t done well when it comes to representing some of the different races,  Dee Jay doesn’t sound like he comes from Jamaica due to the voice actors that have been used over the years so he could be mistaken for being similar to Billy Blanks.

Age – Sean Matsuda looks to young to be fighting in this game, this is an issue in itself, is it encouraging younger people to fight? There also isn’t many older characters in Street Fighter apart from Dalsim and Goukan.

With Elena she holds no racial features from Kenya, she has white-silver straight hair which isn’t like the dark curly hair usually found over there and her name isn’t derived from the culture either.

Comparisons between Ryu in SFII and SFV

Comparing the voice of Ryu from SF2 and SFV was interesting but also what I expected as I know what the voice of Ryu sounded like from when I used to play it.

I downloaded the clips from behindthevoiceactors.com/voice-compare by navigating to the page, inspecting the page and finding the URL of the audio file and then saving it. I opened it in QuickTime and used the Movie Inspector to find out the sample rate of each audio clip.

Ryu voice clips from Street Fighter 2 were at 22khz sample rate with a 16 bit quality and the clip from Street Fighter V was 44khz.

There is a difference between the two samples. The SF2 sample is at 22khz because it takes up less space so I think this is why is was used for Street fighter 2 as technology wasn’t what it is today and space on discs was limited.

The sample of audio for SF2 I feel conveys Ryu as quite angry as the clips are short and monotonous. They don’t give the characters a human feel, they are robotic.

With the Ryu’s sample from SFV he actually sounds human compared to SF2 and it conveys emotion because it has the higher and lower pitches that comes with speech.

The quality is a lot better in SFV, the emotion sounds better but when it comes to Karate don’t sound as fierce as they did in SF2.

Assassins Fist Report: 9.1.1, 10.1.1

We had to watch a street Fighter movie called Assassin’s Fist and write a report. I will admit that I am going to have a hard time answering all these questions as I haven’t played Street Fighter 2 or many of the others for that matter as they are not the type of games I play.

The anime Street Fighter movie follows a similar story where Ryu and Ken are training together and then Ryu starts fighting in tournaments. The difference is that in the anime movie there is violence within the fights they have but there isn’t any blood and the fact that the characters get knocked around a fair bit, they always seem to get up and carry on fighting which gives the impression that they are not hurt as bad as we think they are.

Gouken appealed to me the most as he gave the impression of a troubled past and wanting the best for Ryu and Ken but at the same time hiding something from them. He trained them to be the best they could and treated them as his own but ultimately they became divided as sometimes happens in families, Ken is almost like the black sheep, impatient and eager which lead him to taking a short cut and getting expelled from the Dojo. This leads the two “Brothers” down very separate paths.

The representation of women in games

The representation of women has come a long way since the early 90’s when I used to play Tomb Raider. Lara was originally portrayed with a tiny waist and big breasts with skimpy tops, these days she looks far more inline with what the modern woman looks like because she is no longer objectified.


I found this video on Facebook and it says it all, the difference between female and male costumes and is a big issue that still needs to be dealt with. This video shows that both players achieved the same thing and received a piece of armour by the same name which had the same stats but the female breastplate version turned out to be nothing more that a bikini top.

The costumes and armour sets that don’t leave much to the imagination are in a multitude of games, from MMORPG’s to fighting games like Street Fighter V and MKX.

Capcom is a Japanese company and they like their female characters to be dressed like school girls and when some of their games arrived there was a bit of an uproar as to how women were depicted but they were ok with the way it was and didn’t change anything.


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Comparing Lego to Street Fighter

I am comparing the Lego games franchise audience to that of Street Fighter, discussing similarities, looking at the pros and cons of making Street Fighter into a Lego game and looking at the decency of the characters from Street Fighter.

The Lego age range for games is 3 +, with some of the games being 7 +. For the top end of the age range I suppose there isn’t too much difference as I feel that there isn’t a lot of graphical violence in Street Fighter. Between the two clips below the scenes played out are very similar, from the moves and article effects used.

The only real difference being is the how the characters and scenery of Street Fighter look more real compared to that of Lego which are cartoons, more vibrant colours, the way the characters are animated de to them being Lego.

I feel Street Fighter would definitely be more suited to the Lego game franchise as to MKX as it definitely has less graphical violence in it.

MKX’s audience would be 18 + age rating but most likely kids as young as 15/16 would be playing it, I would of thought that the audience of MKX would also watch horror movies and play a lot of horror based games based on the graphical violence of MKX, Street Fighter’s audience would be fairly mild in comparison, they would probably start a bit younger playing this game as there doesn’t appear to be any gore.

The problems for Street Fighter being turned into a Lego game would be how it is done, Lego games have a story line, each character has a lengthy back story and a goal for the game, a series of mini games to complete and most likely an enemy or two to defeat, especially in the Star Wars games.

Yes, the characters of Street Fighter have back stories but that is it, it is a PVP game or going against the computer, you fight until one wins against the other and that won’t be easy to incorporate into the Lego franchise’s.

The pro’s of using Street Fighter as a Lego game would be letting the younger generation play that type of game. I wouldn’t let my son’s play MKX and I wouldn’t let my youngest play Street Fighter but put that game into a Lego setting and I might. It opens up the game to a whole new generation.

The decency of the characters comes into question in Street Fighter and MKX, the difference in Street Fighter is that they are less realistic in their appearance.

maxresdefault laurasfv street-fighter-5-characters-rmika-section-3-two-column-01-ps4-eu-05feb16

Here we have Cammi, Laura and R. Mika, three characters from Street Fighter V. Capcom is a Japanese company so they like their characters to be over exaggerated with big hips, tiny waists, huge breasts and long legs. In Japan this is widely accepted as part of culture, anime is a prime example of this culture which likes women to look like girls.

sakura-card-captor-wallpaper-2 rwby_rtrecap sailor-moon erza_japanese_cloth

This wouldn’t be suitable for Lego in the way of costume design or figure wise considering the Lego game franchise has a typical age range of 3 or 7 yrs +.

Mortal Kombat on the other hand have done things slightly different, yes their characters are somewhat scantily clad but they are more realistic in regards to proportions. they are fuller figured around the waist, smaller breasts and to a degree the costumes are better at being more covered than that in Street Fighter V.

Pitch Preparations 9.1.2,  9.2.1,  10.1.2

I prepared for my pitch by researching the traditions of the characters I wanted to create and placing it in a table and then into a PowerPoint presentation with other information such as clothing.

Character Profiles:

Creating character profiles was a really interesting task, I had to research Inuit traditions from sports, their culture and history. From this I managed to create a suitable fight style, an idea of their personalities in which I then could design my characters outfit based on a colour scheme. With the research I did I succeeded in creating a backstory that is believable because it ties in with native history.


Yuralria grew up in Alaska with her Mother, Father and her two brothers. Life In Alaska is fairly close knit but for someone growing up it can be isolating.

Inuit culture involves a lot of sports activities as a means for entertainment and to keep fit and healthy so they can hunt and fish for survival. Yuralria was very good at the Inuit version of the Olympic games, especially the wrestling (leg Wrestling to be precise). Yuralria’s parents were happy to see she found something she loved but got increasingly worried when she started asking questions about the world beyond their culture. By the time Yuralria was 20 she stopped asking so many questions about the outside world and seemed to settle down but deep down her inquisitive nature was still burning.

On Yuralria’s 21st birthday she decided to go on a trip with her father to another village which was a couple of days travel. By the time they arrived the village had been decimated thanks to the Shadaloo. They had been searching piece of land for that was out of the way and the Artic seemed perfect.

This upset herself and her father very much. They set back off to their village to warn everyone. Luckily everything was ok at home. Yuralria heard from the elders that things like this had happened in other locations like Mexico, land which belonged to indigenous tribes being taken over by a criminal organization.

Yuralria set off to improve her fighting skills and ended up in Canada where she tried to locate T.Hawk in order to fight by his side against the Shadaloo.

Pitch and Reflection 9.1.2



I feel that my pitch went well, I was very nervous over doing my pitch so I think I stumbled on a couple of things during my pitch. Overall though I managed to convey the necessary information over and everyone liked the Inuit character over the English gentleman which was great because that was the one I wanted to create.

Lego Venn Diagram 10.1.1

I struggled at the beginning of this task which was to find similarities between the audiences of Street Fighter and Lego games and realised after thinking about the games my kids like to play and the games that I like to play that there was more in common in the reasons why we like to play these games.

I also enjoyed creating the graphics for the Venn Diagram, I used alpha masks and a gradient to merge the two images together.

I love the design process, I feel something isn’t complete unless it looks good, this sometimes can be a downfall due to time it takes but with this I couldn’t have it just as a Venn Diagram, along with my animations, it needed scenery and with something else I recently made like the My Little Pony that I made to fit with another audience it had to have a background. This can be a good thing and a bad thing though because of the time I can spend on design processes.


Lego Character

Lego Storyboard

I had to create some moves for my character which included taking damage, critical art move and the special move. The story boards were there to help us work out what was needed in regards to the animation process and filming of the moves that we wanted to use.


This story board shows the character taking heavy damage, shows the critical art and special moves that I created for my character.

The filming of the moves was fairly simple. Two cameras were set up at equal distances from the target, one giving a side view and the other giving a front view.

Birdie Speed Drawings

The purpose of this task was to learn about character movement, flow which is helpful when it comes to animation.

Speed drawing Birdie was very interesting, especially using basic shapes. I did several speed drawings ranging from stick men in a 30 seconds to Birdie from shapes in 3 minutes. I tried to scan them all in but not all of them where visible even after I tried to edit them in Photoshop.


I am happy with the Birdie drawings at the beginning, after that i think that i thought too much about how it should be done in regards to proportions so I took longer and in that it didn’t look as good as the earlier Birdie drawings.

Character Design

After plenty of research into Inuit clothing and the meaning of colours I decided on a colour scheme of green, white, blue and brown which are natural colours.

Again I used Inkscape for this task, I find that vector based imaging gives a better outcome for me as I am so used to using it, I did have a little issue with getting used to alpha masking layers in order to create transparency as it isn’t automatic with Inkscape as it is in Photoshop so I did struggle a bit in getting it from what I created to a textured Lego character but I worked it out and I got there in the end. I don’t have Photoshop at home so I rely on Gimp 2.0, Krita and Inkscape.


Character Version 1


The outfit was already decided at this point, it was the hair that I couldn’t decide on so I did it again to try and keep it modern.

Character Refined (Version 2 and 3)


This was the redo which i still wasn’t happy with because it looked too hippy.

Final Design


I am really happy with this one, the outfit looks good, the hair is traditional but has a modern look to it and is keeping the traditional face tattoos.

Facial Expressions


Lego character into Photoshop

This was my design in Inkscape, the manipulation of graphics I find is awesome. I had created my scenery in this program, the My Little Pony task involving Prishe and the Portfolio of Life CV I made.

lego2lego1 lego3 lego4 lego5 lego6 lego7

I made my Lego character in Inkscape, I find it easier to use vectors in this program to create. Above are the screenshots of working progress of my character.

I did find one issue with the design of the costume for my character is the jackets that Inuits wear are longer than the top half of a Lego character so I basically had to print the bottom half of the jacket on to the legs which was a bit tricky to line up the pattern.

Videos of moves for Lego Character 9.2.2 9.2.1 10.2.1 10.2.2

I was nervous about doing this task because it was recording moves in front of the group. I managed to do it and completed damage taken, normal move and a critical art move.

The videos are included below. I edited the videos in Premier Pro to sync the two videos together. i struggled with this in the beginning but by the time i completed one it was fairly easy to accomplish. I then cropped them into individual moves and exported them into separate files and uploaded them to YouTube so I could embed them in this blog post.

Texturing 9.2.1  9.2.2

Part of the process of animating the Lego Character was to texture the model. I added the UV map into Gimp and took the textures that I had already made in the planning stage.

I created a new layer, and duplicated the background layer and reduced the opacity. on the new layer I added the textures that I needed. I had to apply an alpha mask in gimp because it wasn’t coming up with transparency around the required texture.

I don’t have Photoshop at home so I rely on Inkscape and Gimp 2.0 for texturing and either one works quite well.

I did come across an issue in texturing because at first I hadn’t worked out how to apply alpha masks in inkscape and Gimp

I feel like the whole process went fairly well and I am almost happy with the outcome, if I had textured the hair to have the blue streak in it I wanted it to have it could of looked better.

I feel like the whole texturing process could of been sped up if I had Photoshop at the time which I have since got Creative Cloud again.

Critical Art 9.2.1 9.2.2 10.2.1 10.2.2

This animation involved a fair bit because it is the critical art move. I set up 3DS max so it had a plane which had the clip of the critical art move I recorded in previous weeks.

I then added a new animation layer, set up the start pose of my character and clicked the red square so it could start recording the animations. Next I switched autokey on and starting changing the poses of my character to match up with clip. After I finished the poses I added some particle affects. I added the lightening which was made up of cylinders and added a gradient ramp which changed the colour of the lightening over time, to simulate lightning a bit better I also animated the opacity so at different points it is brighter and at others you can’t see it at all. To finish the effect I added a couple of flashes to give the effect of the start of the lightning.

There was one more particle affect to add and that was on the Ulu when it started to be swung around as to give an illusion of the charge working.

For the weapon that is in the scene I aligned the Ulu with the hand and did a object constraint so it technically became attached to the hand and the back to the leg after the animation section with the Ulu was complete.

For the glow in the windows of the scenery I added two lights, and I also made some oil barrels just to finish the look.

I made the environment in Unreal engine too and the barrels act as a block in the path way so you can’t go off the scene, it also has blocking objects in the scene so you can’t walk off the scene.

I am really happy with this, I had a few issues trying to create lightning effect in here so it took quite a few iterations of it to get it as close as I could but with the sound I feel it works.If i was to recreate it I probably would make the lightning come in a bit later.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Taking Damage  9.2.1 9.2.2 10.2.1 10.2.2

For taking damage I did the same set up as the Critical Art, I added the clip of the animation I wanted to copy onto a plane in 3ds max.

I set up the idle pose and created a new animation layer, I posed my character to that of the animation clip, I feel it doesn’t look natural as being thrown backwards is different to jumping backwards into the air to simulate being hit.

after I finished the animation I added a particle effect to show snow being kicked out backwards as the character hits the ground and slides backwards a bit.

With the sound for this I am also not totally happy with it as lack of time in college due to childcare costs has meant that I didn’t have the time to record the sounds so I have to rely on a lot of sound bank files which don’t quite have the same feeling to them and I didn’t get the experience in learning techniques in creating Foley.


Attack 9.2.1 9.2.2 10.2.1 10.2.2

After the set up of the plane and the animation I was trying to imitate was added into 3ds max I created a new animation layer and started to pose the character to how I wanted it to be. This one was a fairly simple animation to do but i feel the kick doesn’t appear to be high enough to make it look like a proper kick.

There wasn’t much to this one which I am not sure if it lacks something or the sound doesn’t fit properly, It is finished in regards to getting something in for deadline but I feel like it could be improved.


armscreenshot bendscreenshot handscreenshot leg2screenshot legscreenshot


After a few issues with the Lego rig I decided to see if I could make my own rig, I used IK constraints to make sure the different bones moved correctly, I used path and orientation constraints for the hands, arms and waist. I used helpers to make it easier to connect the different parts together so animating it would be easier.

I then tested it and found a few issues but after 15 iterations I got most of it complete. The issues I came across where bones bending in the wrong way after adding a constraint, forgetting to freeze transform, freeze transforming when I shouldn’t of and running out of time to complete rigging the head.

I am happy how this has turned out, It does require starting this again as the control bone at the end of the spine went a bit weird after I added a constraint and have not managed to solve that one but I am still working on it. The more times I restart this though the more I will learn so it isn’t a wasted exercise.

I really enjoyed this exercise and hope to improve my rigging skills in time for the FMP.

iterationsscreenshot1 iterationsscreenshot2

As you can see I did enough iterations.

Scripting and Sound 9.2.1 9.2.2

Scripting and sound was a bit tricky, especially in scripting, my character is an Inuit so I wanted to have a bit of their language in there to try and represent the character a bit better but because I don’t know anything of their language I had to rely on Google translate and various websites that had some of the words translated into English to try and get an idea of that it was I was trying to say without saying something completely random.

I didn’t get much of a chance to create Foley sound effects due to childcare constraints so I missed out on this task which is a shame but I did manage to find some sounds that kind of fitted in with what I needed but I did get my lines recorded.

I put the lines I recorded into Audacity and trimmed them up into separate lines and turned down a couple of settings to make them fit better.

I then added them into Premier Pro and matched them up with the animation to make sure they were spot on. I had an slight hitch with one with lining it up as it was quite a quick animation section that required sound so I had to turn off the snap tool to get it precisely where I wanted it.


Female battle cries/grunts (2016). Available at: https://www.freesound.org/people/11linda/sounds/264982/ (Accessed: 6 December 2016).

Power Down2 (2016). Available at: https://www.freesound.org/people/duckduckpony/sounds/130888/ (Accessed: 6 December 2016).

Punch, slap, n’ kick (2016). Available at: https://www.freesound.org/people/CGEffex/sounds/98341/ (Accessed: 6 December 2016).

Walking in snow P1060897 (2016). Available at: https://www.freesound.org/people/AnemoneBlondie/sounds/176059/ (Accessed: 6 December 2016).

Evaluation and Reflection of Term 1 Year 2

unit 9.3.1 9.3.2 Unit 10.3.1 10.3.2

This project was about planning, designing and implementing that design into a final animation of a Lego character.

We had to think about the character profile, the clothes that they wear, the moves they have, their personality and how they would even speak (language etc).

I had to develop everything about this character, from where they live, what martial arts the do, why have they turned to fighting etc.

I had to think about “Is the character decent enough for both franchises, would she appeal to both audiences and be suitable at the same time?”.

Strengths and weaknesses


I believe the hair was a real weakness in my final design, I could of planned how I was going to do it a bit better, the choice of program I used to do the texturing could also of been better, I still pulled it off but using Photoshop would of sped up the workflow but didn’t have Creative Cloud for a bit.

One of the animations I found a bit difficult with the feet, I tried to create another rig to understand it a bit better, which I succeeded in doing but didn’t have time to implement it.

Another weakness I have is time, it has been a major constraint this year with the cost of childcare so I can only be in college till 3pm most days so I feel I am missing on time but I do try and make up for this at home.


The strengths would be the amount of research I did in creating the character, I tried to have it all tie together to make a believable backstory and character.

The costume I think is a strength too, using vector based graphics programs does have its benefits and when it came to the costume I feel that it worked better.

One of the animations (The critical art) was a strength, with the background that I created (again in a Vector based image program) and the sound effects.

The voice clips I felt turned out really well, I ran out of time on the day for recording Foley so I had to use a sound bank which I was disappointed in as I think I missed out on the creation process.


I feel that there wasn’t that many influences, I had an idea of the character being an Inuit so that was the only real influence.

I made the design choices because it fit with the Inuit culture from the colours of the clothes to the hair style.

I experimented with a few design choices but none really seemed to fit, the hair was the biggest issue as the Inuit culture is quite set. I had about four different designs for the hair but they didn’t tie in with the culture and in doing so it didn’t fit in with the style of clothes.

Key developments

The key developments of this project for me was “who is my character?, what are the characteristics of this person?”, this is because it effects everything about them from how they move to what they would wear and sound like, because a 30 year old Inuit is not going to wear the same as a 5 year old or a 50 year old in terms of design.

I would adapt my work flow, I purchased Creative Cloud purely to speed it up as trying to find alternative freeware or open source is simple enough and some of them are really good, Like Gimp and Inkscape.  I could find an alternative to Premiere Pro that was decent enough and with time not being in my favour I didn’t have the luxury of learning a new program.

My final piece of work is suitable for the Lego franchise, It does fit in with their ethos because of the decency in design and the level of violence is minimal, similar to that in the Lego games franchise.

The final piece of work can fit in with street fighter, it has the backstory, the move set, the only thing that would need to be change to be completely and solely in the Street Fighter franchise would be the outfit as they like their women a bit more scantily clad.

The project actually went better than I expected, I had a few bumps in the road but nothing major enough to throw it off course. The programs available to me  during this project at home has been a bit difficult and the time constraints along with having less time in college that does have the required software has been a struggle due to childcare costs but I have made it (almost) I still have some animation work to do and some blog post work to do but I am really hoping that I make the deadline as Christmas with three children and to see family is not going to leave a lot of spare time, especially when the kids want to make Pokeball decorations for the tree.

Feedback from Peers

The main feedback I received was about the backstory for the Inuit character and my speed drawings. This was really helpful because I had not fully explained the backstory of my character due to being nervous at the time of the character pitch because I didn’t realize it was to be in front of the whole class. The speed drawing feedback was good because I feel like it helped improve my drawing skills by having an outside view of what I had been staring at for a good twenty minutes by the time the whole exercise was finished so It pointed out a couple of things I hadn’t thought of or possibly noticed before. This helped by improving my skills and giving me an idea on what to keep an eye out for next time I do a similar exercise.

What can I improve next time?

Time management is definitely something I need to improve on, due to the cost of childcare I have less time at college, this means I have to do more work at home which isn’t always easy being the time of year and three kids, 2 are at school but between work, Christmas plays and Christmas fairs and finishing college early 2 days a week I have to on top of work or slightly ahead to keep up. That is another reason why I invested in Creative Cloud, it is a chance to keep up with the work load with programs that speed up that work flow.

I also need to know when a project is finished and not keep trying to tweak bits due to not being totally happy with the outcome because most likely it will be some trivial and minor that I will probably only notice, like the colour of the hair etc. This also adds to issues with time.


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