I have been really interested in After Effects after watching Action Movie Dad movies which are home made movies of his son where he has edited them to be little adventures. Daniel Hashimoto A.K.A Action Movie Dad has worked for Disney, Paramount and now works for himself.

The one I really wanted to learn (he has tutorials on YouTube) is the Dr Strange portal. In this he uses rotoscoping and this is my practice. Not perfect but I learnt how to do it by duplicating the movie, using the rotobrush selecting everything that I wanted in the foreground, creating a solid and adding an effect to it. In this I used particular in Trapcode from Red Giant.

It is far from perfect but I reckon now I know all the techniques to re-create this:

This clip is where I was playing around in After Effects trying to recreate the Hell Gate from WoW.

I learnt a lot form doing this using masks and being able to duplicate them within a solid and using adjustment layers to come up with some cool effects.




This is my Infograph so far using 2d animation and Illustrator to create vector images and After Effects.

I imported an image of Daniel Hashimoto and Sam Nicholson into Illustrator and I basically built up the image by using different shapes, I made the hair by using the pen tool and used basic shapes to create the arms, legs, hands and feet. I made them all on separate layers so when it was imported into After Effects I could animate the individual layers. The effects were mainly created in After effects by changing the opacity and since have made more progress to include audio such as speech and sound effects.



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2 thoughts on “Experimentation

  1. You have created some inventive and interesting experiments that have pushed your skills within your discipline. The Dr Strange video and explanation really shows the reader your process, which is essential when experimenting. It would be pertinent when working with aftereffects to take some screenshots of your process of all your work. It would also be useful to have further analysis of your experiments; do you feel they were successful? What were you trying to achieve with each one? Do you feel these skills can be applied to your future endeavours? Your ‘Dan&Sam’ video is beautifully styled and competently animated, but how did you create the figure in illustrator? You just need to explain your process further. Please also Harvard reference any source material used.


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