Week 1: Observation Analysis


The purpose of the task was to observe and record data on a theme of a chosen brief. We were to go out into Canterbury and observe architecture close up, I did also have a look at nature as well as this will be more relevant to my final major project.

I took a fair few photos and some sound recordings (purely to add to my sound bank). I started at the Dan John Gardens to take pictures of the trees so I could see if there was a difference between trees near and away from water.

I also went for a walk down towards the Marlowe Theatre and along the river and played around with the ISO (International Standards Organization) and took some photos of the water with different shutter speeds.


I wanted to observe more of the nature side of things as the last projects have been revolved around man-made objects. I liked looking at the architecture in the Cathedral most due to the vastness of it. There was so many things to look at and see the history of the Cathedral and the people connected with it.

I have developed in a way that i now look for specific details, as before it was just taking a photo to record data about a certain piece of architecture, then it was about “if I take a photo from that angle it would look better” etc.

I found a fair bit of material, I managed to get some photo’s of the park and the ambiance noise that was there. I could have done more, I could have made notes that tied in with the photo’s I took, especially of the photo’s of the cathedral. The was some information on the renovations that were being carried out and I could have made some notes because I took a photo of a piece of roof lying on the ground but no information to go with as in the expected completion date of said renovations. The doors, most were different, but why?

Why was the stained glass different colors yet the design shape the same?

This information could tell a story, where they there to signify a different moment as one was blue and one a red-orange?


Can I make connections between my work and contextual sources? 

In relations to photography I suppose there could be connections with other photographers who look at perspective and lighting in their work.

For animation it be the works of Clay Kids creators or Wallace and Gromit as they are using similar techniques that I am trying to re-create. Javier Tostado created Clay Kids and Nick Park for Wallace and Gromit.

How could you develop your skills further from these observations?

When taking photo’s of the Cathedral I tried to look at the different angles of the buildings because of the perspective of the passageways looked great.

I could develop my photography skills to take better pictures by learning more of the techniques if i had the time. In September, when my daughter starts school I have something lined up where a friend is going to teach me photography, hopefully, but this depends on commitments.

Are there any aspects of your studies that you wish you had explored further?-state your intentions for development.

Right now, my only concern is being able to use the camera for stop motion animation so due to time constraints, learning extra photography skills is on hold. I suppose I wished that I had the opportunity to explore Narration a bit more because that would have been extremely helpful in my plans for the FMP , I plan on completing some courses on Narration and learning more about how Wallace in Gromit was made.


ScrappyJak1,. DIY Silicone Mould Tutorial. 2017. Web. 15 Mar. 2017.






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