Week 5

This week I have been doing a lot of trial in the way of interactivity. I used Animate and InDesign.

In Animate I used place holder images. First I started with bulbasaur, to see if I could move it around the screen.

bulbasaur drag and drop test

This is the link to the bulbasaur test, which worked on my laptop but for some reason it’s not working when uploaded.

Then I went on to test it with pikachu and to move a clown outfit on to it. The outfit didn’t snap into place at that time.

After this successful trial, my next step was to try and dress a doll with a snap to it. In Animate I created two instances of the piece of clothing, on one of each I turned down the Alpha and placed them where I wanted the clothes to snap to.

To do this I added code to find the x and y position of the drop targets and to instruct it to drop the clothes if their x and y positions match those of the drop targets. If the x and y positions don’t match then they will be returned to their original position.

The swap worked out by setting the original position of the clothes already placed on the doll in the code of the new swap.

After this, I imported it into inDesign using Folio.



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