Unit 11

Unit 11

The career test results were INFJ

  • Introverted 68%
  • Intuitive 68%
  • Feeling 70%
  • Judging 68%
  • Extraverted 32%
  • Sensing 32%
  • Thinking 30%
  • Perceiving 32%



Possible jobs that would suit my personality are


  • Religious Worker
  • Teacher
  • Education Consultants
  • Marketers
  • Scientists
  • Doctors and Dentists
  • Health Care specialists
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Counsellors
  • Social Workers
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Photographer
  • Childcare or early development

These results tell me that I can be kind, caring and compassionate. That I also like to spend a fair bit of time on my own and keep myself to myself.

I would agree with some of the job suggestions, but only a few.

I found a games developer career test online at gamedesigning.org and I feel it is fitting, but down the art side rather than programming because my coding skills are not up to scratch and it would take years to learn enough to get on the job. I enjoy coding but feel it is best kept to an interest / hobby.


I have many skills, thinking logically about a problem but also having the creativity to solve it when needed. I can work together well and on my own.


I would love to get into art or animation within games. Most likely Indie games as I prefer to work in smaller groups of people

For me, my perfect job would be programming but I don’t have the skill set, My maths skills are way below par needed of this job.

I would also like to do 2d or 3d art / animation. I love to create and to see something working.

I have the basic skills, I would need to improve my Creative cloud skills and my art skills but this can be done with practising every day.


I am going to continue to practise Adobe photoshop and Illustrator to improve my skills and also expand my knowledge of Jquery and HTML 5 (and probably stop being lazy over css) to create interactivity and animations.

As for a career timeline I will be working that out as I go along with the current situation. I would like to get into games but my daughter doesn’t start school until September so I plan on improving my skills until then and start work as an Indie Developer with an idea I already have and go from there.


Part 2


Traditional Routes into Employment

There are a few traditional routes into employment which can be apprenticeships and internships to applying for jobs directly to the company or using agencies.

Non Traditional Routes into Employment

These range from cold calling companies, leaving business cards around at various appropriate events, networking and using Social Media to get yourself noticed.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Apprentice

Kariba Creative Media LTD

I would apply for this job because it offers on the job training, a qualification and experience.

These are a few of the videos/graphics and poster/logo designs  I have on YouTube that I would use to support a job application.

Curriculum Vitae
Before I started my pitch I was fairly confident, I had the prototypes for my book, a presentation and a rough idea of what I wanted to say. As soon as the pitch began I found myself being quite anxious and at that point I couldn’t concentrate. I explained exactly what I was going to do with the help of prompts. It is a confidence thing. I have no problem in interviews so I feel the issue came with being recorded.
I feel that if I had rehearsed my pitch I would not of been so anxious and It probably would of gone smoother, especially if I had a script.
The good points:
I got across what I wanted to say and soon became less anxious when it realized it was going better than I thought it was. The lecturers liked my presentation and had plenty of advice and ideas to progress my project.

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