Term 2: week 6-8: Developer Diary

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Marketing the game

We had to research different marketing solutions for video games.

We found that advertising at the following locations good for being on a budget.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube developer videos
  • Magazines
  • In app advertising

Marketing Solution

We all decided on what we were going to create, I chose to create a Games Poster that could be placed in areas where the demographic of this game would visit regularly.



I love being creative so I really enjoyed this task, I found at the beginning of this task it was hard as no one in my team were in for deciding the demographic so I chose what it was so I could carry on with the task.

I am fairly happy with the poster produced but the one above is v10 so I am not sure I will ever find perfection with it as I will always try and improve it but in relation to time I had to stop at v10. I would of liked to of changed the font and added something to the background to add to the feel of the era but I was running out of time to finish other tasks.