week 5: Unit 5: Production Skills

Ambiance and Atmosphere

Problem: When creating game environments what problems could you face in terms of creating ambiance and atmosphere and how would you solve them.

The difference between ambiance and atmosphere is that ambiance depends on where you are as in the forest will have a natural ambiance and a factory will have a more mechanical ambiance.

Atmosphere is the feeling the music gives you, you could have a dark castle with light music and you could feel quite relaxed but add some deep base slow music and it could give off a scary atmosphere.

For this task we chose a random location and mood and we had to create an ambiance track for this. I picked cave with a horror theme. I found water drip sounds and whisper clips and i added these to a track with silent intervals and a scream at the end. The water drips had an echo to them which helped create the idea of being in the cave. The other students figured out that is was supposed to be a cave with a scary theme.

Creating Ambiance

The problems with creating ambiance is that you may not be able to get the required sound due to external noises from people in a woods talking for example or cars on a road nearby.

The ambiance noise i chose for my audio was a generator in the background and electrical sparks.

I had some trouble getting the generator sound as the source of my sound was a sensory bubble machine at my daughter’s nursery and every time i went to record their were families and babies there which is understandable considering it is a children’s center but it took me nearly 90 seconds to get about 3 seconds of usable sound. Luckily it was a pretty monotonous sound so i could loop it.


The sound after I had added production effects did sound better as I turned the volume down a bit so it wasn’t so over powering in my audio log.


This task was interesting as I feel I gained a lot more experience from Audacity in this project.

There are points that can be improved, for example I am not totally happy with the sound of the monster at the end of the audio log and the voice actor parts could be adjusted slightly to match the emotions that are going on at the time.



Week 4: Unit 5: Production Skills

Problem: How could you use household objects to create convincing synchronized sound for a pre-defined video clip.





For this task, as a group we had to identify different aspects of the steampunk robot walk-through that would require sounds, we then had to identify what areas needed what sounds and we had to find household objects that could create a sound the would be suitable. In the end we ended up using a old camera, a fuse board and a couple of other items. We had a chance to do a run through before recording to get the timings right and then we had to record our sounds.


This was a fun task to work on, it involved co-operation and timing and imagination for re-creating the sounds needed for the Steam-punk robot.

I feel that we did fairly well, the objects that we chose were  good but i feel we could of done better in the timings.

The problems we encountered was timing, we actually got it better on the first recording than the second and the loudness of the different sounds from the objects needed to be arranged better.

The second recording was better in terms of levels.



Term 2: Week 1: Dev Diary


This week we had to discuss what sounds we would require in our bunker and how we would implement them, along with any added effects we would require to make it sound more believable.

Investigating audio production and Technology


The device we researched to record sound would be the phonograph and it fits in nicely with the timeline and the sound created when it is played back gives a slightly crackly sound to it so it sounds old.

The ambient sounds that we discussed that would be present in the bunker would be footsteps and water dripping with the slightly eerie sound of moans of the monster that still roams the bunker along with generators and an electrical spark sound as some equipment was broken by the monster that was created using the Vita Ray chamber.

The ambient sound from the surface would most likely be explosions, shouting and footsteps.

The Tesseract has had a slight impact on the technology found within the bunker because of the Vita Ray chamber and lights which normally would be present in their state at that moment in history.

Through the audio logs for the medic room they explain what has happened and why the bunker is deserted which helps the player understand the story.


I have found our team to be fairly open to all team members ideas.

There are a few issues with trying to achieve the feel of the bunker with the audio required, such as the monster. Trying to create this is proving to be a bit of a challenge along with making my audio log sound authentic as it needs to sound like it has been recorded on a phonograph and the quality of it would be fairly poor in regards to what recorded audio quality is like today.

To deal with the issue of the monster I plan on mixing sounds to create a really creepy monster scream, I already have the base of this mix as a pig scream as that sounds pretty horrendous in itself but I feel like it needs something extra.

With the sound quality issue I adjusted the levels in the equalizer, I did this to add a crackly effect to it to add to the authenticity of the bunker.

Term 2: Week 2 and 3: Skills Diary: Audio


The last couple of weeks we have been working on scripts for our bunker, we have been using different items to create different sounds and using audacity to edit everything together.



Firstly i had to write a script and then record it. We also had to think about what extra sounds we would want in our audio logs to make it more believable and to create atmosphere.

The room i am doing for AON is the medical room, the character in my room is a scientist/medic.

I wrote 2 scripts for this character, one on her own and the other with a colleague. The first script gives a back story to the accident that is about to happen and the second script for an audio log is two characters and the accident.

I had an issue trying to record this script as I need two people to make the room’s story be understood. As it was a medical room but also where they were experimenting on the soldier so a scientist had to be present. I had an issue trying to find someone to record the other part in time to implement it into the audio track. I initially asked my son to record the other part but his voice was a bit too high to make it believable so I had to re record last minute but managed it and got everything implemented.

With the second audio log I found it a little tricky to get all the timings right and at the right levels without one seeming to over power the rest.

Audio Log 2

I researched audio recording devices of the era and found the Phonograph. The sound quality is a bit distorted and I noted this and tried to get as close as I could to the sound quality as i could in audacity by using the equalizer and other filters that were available.

When it came to editing the audio logs in audacity there wasn’t a lot to alter for the first script as all i had to do was alter it to make it sound more like it was recording on a phonograph.

First image is the base i used, the second is my phonograph and the third is the phonograph that i based my 3D model on.



i was nervous on the first recording as haven’t recorded in front of anyone before so had to record it a couple of times to make it better.

For the second audio log I had to re-record this because i didn’t have anyone to voice the second character so my son helped me at first and it didn’t sound amazing.

I edited the sounds and mixed a couple together for a scream, I am fairly happy with the sounds that i managed to get as for the generator sound which ended up coming from a sensory bubble machine motor at my daughter’s nursery.

It took a while to get this sound as there were babies and toddlers around so it ended up being a minute and a half recording with about 5 seconds of usable audio so i had to duplicate the track a few times but the sound was fairly monotonous so i managed to get away with it without it sounding odd.

I found the research of the audio equipment and character fairly easy as i already had an idea for a character because of the backstory we created as a team and for the phonograph it seemed to tie in with the the timeline and the effect on the sound seemed to be quite good as we watched a short clip where someone recorded sound on a phonograph using tin foil.

I enjoyed working on this task as i liked the creative process of making these audio logs.