Term 2:Production Skills: Bunker Room Concept Art


How would you visualize the environment you wish to create?

Create a grey-scale empty concept art

The first piece of concept art that I did for this project was in charcoal and white chalk.


Create a colored high alert concept piece

For this I used chalk, granite pencils and pastels to create this image of the feeling of alertness.concept art - colour bunker



I enjoyed this task a lot, I enjoyed doing the second piece of concept art more than the first because I could add a lot of expression into the drawing.

This piece of artwork was created to visualize the emotion that is present within the bunker artwork with the different colors representing different emotions, red for anger, blue to represent the tesseract power and green to represent fear. The green on the medic table suggests that the soldier who was captured was scared because of the experiments that were being carried on him. The green is also situated at the door because of the rebels that were left were scared because the soldier they experimented on is now a monster and he is outside the bunker.

I feel that the shading and contrast could be improved as I was not entirely happy with the shading, especially sound the door.

With improving the drawing of bunker I think I need to practice shading and contrast.