Term 2: week 7-9: Production Skills

Bunker Sounds

All my sounds are ready for the engine, I am trying to get a few of the sounds to play at random intervals and volume to simulate a monster being in the bunker, gradually getting closer or moving away to add to the general feeling of uneasiness within the bunker.



I have encountered a couple of issues with audio, I misplaced one of my audio logs but located it on another pen drive. The other is implementing a selection of random sounds to play at random intervals and volumes. I will keep looking into blueprints to find a way to make this work.


Term 2: Bunker Workshop

Bunker Room 3D Workshop

With this session I want to complete texturing my bunker with spec and normal maps completed.

I almost have all the assets in the unreal engine except for the one that isn’t finished yet.

All I have to import is the door and the Vita Ray Chamber and then add specular and normal maps to the engine.


Getting all the assets into unreal has been a long process, especially adding all the specular and normal maps.

I hit an issue when it came to adding the assets to my bunker. Based on the blueprints completed the size required for my bunker didn’t match up in relation to the other rooms so I had to edit my bunker size which meant I had to re texture it. This didn’t add too much time but I am happier with it now than when I was before, It is still tight on space which adds to the effect of being underground but all my assets now fit in.

I think I have done ok with this task but won’t fully know until the room is fully populated with all the assets and audio and I have worked on the lighting.

I did have an issue with collisions at one point as the bookcase has a broken shelf and this sticks out a bit so was interfering with the space in between the desk so was impossible to get down there.

I also have to fix a collision issue with the cardboard box and bandage on the floor and would like to add random sound events in blueprints.


Term 2:Production Skills: Bunker Room Concept Art


How would you visualize the environment you wish to create?

Create a grey-scale empty concept art

The first piece of concept art that I did for this project was in charcoal and white chalk.


Create a colored high alert concept piece

For this I used chalk, granite pencils and pastels to create this image of the feeling of alertness.concept art - colour bunker



I enjoyed this task a lot, I enjoyed doing the second piece of concept art more than the first because I could add a lot of expression into the drawing.

This piece of artwork was created to visualize the emotion that is present within the bunker artwork with the different colors representing different emotions, red for anger, blue to represent the tesseract power and green to represent fear. The green on the medic table suggests that the soldier who was captured was scared because of the experiments that were being carried on him. The green is also situated at the door because of the rebels that were left were scared because the soldier they experimented on is now a monster and he is outside the bunker.

I feel that the shading and contrast could be improved as I was not entirely happy with the shading, especially sound the door.

With improving the drawing of bunker I think I need to practice shading and contrast.

Term 2: week 6-8: Developer Diary

linked blog post

Marketing the game

We had to research different marketing solutions for video games.

We found that advertising at the following locations good for being on a budget.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube developer videos
  • Magazines
  • In app advertising

Marketing Solution

We all decided on what we were going to create, I chose to create a Games Poster that could be placed in areas where the demographic of this game would visit regularly.



I love being creative so I really enjoyed this task, I found at the beginning of this task it was hard as no one in my team were in for deciding the demographic so I chose what it was so I could carry on with the task.

I am fairly happy with the poster produced but the one above is v10 so I am not sure I will ever find perfection with it as I will always try and improve it but in relation to time I had to stop at v10. I would of liked to of changed the font and added something to the background to add to the feel of the era but I was running out of time to finish other tasks.

Week 6: Production Skills. Bunker Room Modelling and Advanced Texturing


How would you manage all of the assets you need to create?


This task took a lot of planning, I had to create an asset list of all the objects i wanted to have in my room, what sounds i needed to accompany the objects/ambient sound and what interactions they would have.


This has been a huge task over the last few weeks and i have found it to be a challenge. I have created all the assets i wanted except i still have 1 to finish which is the biggest model in the room, not in the way of size but impact on the story telling and probably the amount of hours modelling it would need to make it look good.

I have found this task to be a great challenge for my skills in not only 3D modelling but across the board.

I feel like i have stepped up to this challenge and really enjoyed it.

I am fairly happy with the outcome, my bunker room is coming together quite nicely.

I am now slightly pushed for time because of this last model i need to create. It has been a real challenge, just to get the shapes perfect for it has been a challenge in itself.

I overcame the issue i had with creating the last asset by talking to jay who gave me a solution by using the shell modifier to the model.

Week 5:Production Skills

Speed Modelling Task

For this challenge I had to pick an object, model it and texture it within a specified amount of time.

I chose to model a desk, the model went fine until 3DS max crashed, I wasn’t too concerned as there as auto backup files when this occurs.

I hit a problem when I tried to load it from the backup file and there was an error message saying it probably wouldn’t display properly, it was right. I had to scrap the model and start again.

The problems that could occur when attempting to model is picking something to difficult to model or even picking something to simple.

Not saving work as demonstrated above and losing it all, I ran out of time to texture the object properly because of this and it didn’t look good.

Running out of time because the work wasn’t planned well enough i.e taking to long choosing an object or textures.


I feel i did fairly well with this task, i didn’t take too long with choosing the model and i already had a good bank of textures to use stored on my pen drive. The model looked good and was pleased with it until i lost it when 3DS max crashed.


Term 2: Week 3 & 4: Unit 6: Dev Diary

Bunker Room Layout



These two weeks have been used to create a visual representation of our bunker rooms before they are created in 3DS max.

First we researched locations and then we designed our bunkers based on the materials that were available to the rebels.

Then we created a our ideas in Photoshop and then created them in a shoebox.








Week 3

I have created a digital representation in Photoshop of what my bunker is going to look like. I have included a Vita Ray chamber in the corner of the room, I intend for this to look broken when created to add to the story and keep with the theme of our bunker.

For the writing on the wall I actually painted this on a big piece of plain card and held it up so it dripped, I then took a photo of it and opened it in Photoshop, I made it transparent and placed it into the bunker image and shrunk it down. With the rest I just imported images that represented the assets i wanted into the image and positioned them where I thought they should go, this also included the textures for the walls and the floor.

In this room I have included instruments that have been knocked over to add to the feel that something isn’t quite right and for a little something extra I created my own cover for a book seeing as it doesn’t exist, I liked the idea of Owner’s manuals for cars and the special ones for the Death Star etc. So I made one for a Vita Ray Chamber.


This object is in the room to add to the story, it is supposed to suggest that the scientist and the medic are not really sure how to use the machine so they have a manual.

Week 4

The Bunker room will mainly be made from concrete, which was taken from textures.com, after the room the assets textures ore our own.

IMG_1212 bunker_layout


I really enjoyed this task as I love arts and crafts and designing. Some of it was a little difficult in relation to making all the models for the shoebox as they didn’t always stick together and holding them was tricky due to their size.

I feel fairly pleased with the outcomes of my layouts, since completing them some of the textures have changed as in relation to the floors as I feel it didn’t quite fit in with the idea of a bunker.

To rectify the issue with the size of the models to go into the shoebox I ended up using crafting tweezers to hold them together while they dried and for the textures I just tested a few different ones out for the floor until I was happy with the look and feel.

Term 2: Week 2: Unit 6: Dev Diary: Mood Boards

Mood Boards


This week we had to research images for ideas on what we wanted our bunker to look like, what we wanted in our bunker and where our bunker was located.

I created these mood boards as they will help with the actual creation of the bunker by knowing what Textures i have chosen and theme of the assets I require for the modelling stage. The first mood board helps with location and knowing what kind of sounds would be around.


This was a fairly simple task, the team all agreed that Canterbury cathedral was a suitable location considering the benefits of the location.

The mood boards were fairly easy to create. I should of noted the websites where I got the images at the time.





Term 2: Week 5: Unit 6: Dev Diary

Bunker Room Diorama Model

This week we had to create a physical 3D environment of our bunker rooms using household objects and a shoe box.




I really enjoyed working on this task as it was one more way to be creative. I think I performed fairly well, the origami was the hardest part as i had to make a book case but it was ok. I am fairly happy with the end result as i had managed to get most of the assets in there such as the gurney with the blanket on and the books for the bookshelves.

The difficult parts in the way of creativity was figuring out the best way to implement the assets into the room as a couple of them were made by origami and the others were textured nets printed out at home.

I had a couple of issues with getting the nets to stay together so i ended up using super glue and crafting tweezers to hold them while the glue set.



Term 2: Week 6: Dev Diary

Additional blog post


This week we have been working in our groups on marketing The Age Of Napoleon.

Games Advertising Poster – Katie

Web Advert – Sam

Web Banner – Callum Ashurst

Magazine Advert – Callum Gray

Facebook Banner – Lewis

I did some research on Marketing research and found some tips that i thought were helpful and relevant.

Demographic – Who is our target audience?

Due to the nature of the game i feel the demographic would be 15 to 40 years and it would probably be a game aimed more towards the male population. There will be female gamers interested in this game but i don’t believe it will be a significant compared to the amount of male gamers.

Being an indie developer, our budget is small compared to AAA companies so i feel a S.W.O.T (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis would come in handy for the advertising.

The strengths being the demographic would be quite particular so focusing and advertising towards that demographic would reduce the cost in the budget significantly.

Weaknesses would be that we could not compete with the reach of an AAA company for advertising in the way of avenues available to us for budgeting e.e adverts, billboards, magazine adverts etc.

The objective would be to get the product noticed in as many places as possible where the demographic is known to read, visit or watch and in this lies opportunities as since we have a particular demographic, advertising to a particular group of people would be easier as it can be more targeted as in a more specific idea of where these groups of people are likely to hang out socially and online.

Threats would be the release date, a Christmas release is great but the AAA companies also have the same idea so the advertising would drown out the advertising from an Indie Dev company.


On looking at several games posters i have noticed the amount of information displayed on posters varies from company to company and game to game.

I noticed on a gears of war poster it was basic but intriguing. There was an image that was related to the game, the name of the game (Logo) and a release date and that was it, but in this case it was enough, the poster was for Gears of War 3, so i presume they are advertising on the pretense that consumers who have player G.O.W 1 & 2 know what the game is like so don’t need to add details. The poster said a lot but not saying much at all. It comes across as the company knows its game is good, they know people will buy the game and the poster demonstrates confidence and trust.