Week 6: Production Skills. Bunker Room Modelling and Advanced Texturing


How would you manage all of the assets you need to create?


This task took a lot of planning, I had to create an asset list of all the objects i wanted to have in my room, what sounds i needed to accompany the objects/ambient sound and what interactions they would have.


This has been a huge task over the last few weeks and i have found it to be a challenge. I have created all the assets i wanted except i still have 1 to finish which is the biggest model in the room, not in the way of size but impact on the story telling and probably the amount of hours modelling it would need to make it look good.

I have found this task to be a great challenge for my skills in not only 3D modelling but across the board.

I feel like i have stepped up to this challenge and really enjoyed it.

I am fairly happy with the outcome, my bunker room is coming together quite nicely.

I am now slightly pushed for time because of this last model i need to create. It has been a real challenge, just to get the shapes perfect for it has been a challenge in itself.

I overcame the issue i had with creating the last asset by talking to jay who gave me a solution by using the shell modifier to the model.