Term 2 Project Reflection


Project 2 Evaluation

The project Age Of Napoleon was about creating a bunker in a world that had been taken over by Napoleon due to an alternative history where the power of the Tesseract had been harnessed. My goal for this project was to create a believable product through the use of audio, visual and interactive elements. My expectations in some areas were more than what i managed to achieve in the way of the Vita Ray Chamber, it was harder than i first thought to create.


Term 2: Bunker Workshop

Bunker Room 3D Workshop

With this session I want to complete texturing my bunker with spec and normal maps completed.

I almost have all the assets in the unreal engine except for the one that isn’t finished yet.

All I have to import is the door and the Vita Ray Chamber and then add specular and normal maps to the engine.


Getting all the assets into unreal has been a long process, especially adding all the specular and normal maps.

I hit an issue when it came to adding the assets to my bunker. Based on the blueprints completed the size required for my bunker didn’t match up in relation to the other rooms so I had to edit my bunker size which meant I had to re texture it. This didn’t add too much time but I am happier with it now than when I was before, It is still tight on space which adds to the effect of being underground but all my assets now fit in.

I think I have done ok with this task but won’t fully know until the room is fully populated with all the assets and audio and I have worked on the lighting.

I did have an issue with collisions at one point as the bookcase has a broken shelf and this sticks out a bit so was interfering with the space in between the desk so was impossible to get down there.

I also have to fix a collision issue with the cardboard box and bandage on the floor and would like to add random sound events in blueprints.


Week 6: Production Skills. Bunker Room Modelling and Advanced Texturing


How would you manage all of the assets you need to create?


This task took a lot of planning, I had to create an asset list of all the objects i wanted to have in my room, what sounds i needed to accompany the objects/ambient sound and what interactions they would have.


This has been a huge task over the last few weeks and i have found it to be a challenge. I have created all the assets i wanted except i still have 1 to finish which is the biggest model in the room, not in the way of size but impact on the story telling and probably the amount of hours modelling it would need to make it look good.

I have found this task to be a great challenge for my skills in not only 3D modelling but across the board.

I feel like i have stepped up to this challenge and really enjoyed it.

I am fairly happy with the outcome, my bunker room is coming together quite nicely.

I am now slightly pushed for time because of this last model i need to create. It has been a real challenge, just to get the shapes perfect for it has been a challenge in itself.

I overcame the issue i had with creating the last asset by talking to jay who gave me a solution by using the shell modifier to the model.

Term 2: Week 3 & 4: Unit 6: Dev Diary

Bunker Room Layout



These two weeks have been used to create a visual representation of our bunker rooms before they are created in 3DS max.

First we researched locations and then we designed our bunkers based on the materials that were available to the rebels.

Then we created a our ideas in Photoshop and then created them in a shoebox.








Week 3

I have created a digital representation in Photoshop of what my bunker is going to look like. I have included a Vita Ray chamber in the corner of the room, I intend for this to look broken when created to add to the story and keep with the theme of our bunker.

For the writing on the wall I actually painted this on a big piece of plain card and held it up so it dripped, I then took a photo of it and opened it in Photoshop, I made it transparent and placed it into the bunker image and shrunk it down. With the rest I just imported images that represented the assets i wanted into the image and positioned them where I thought they should go, this also included the textures for the walls and the floor.

In this room I have included instruments that have been knocked over to add to the feel that something isn’t quite right and for a little something extra I created my own cover for a book seeing as it doesn’t exist, I liked the idea of Owner’s manuals for cars and the special ones for the Death Star etc. So I made one for a Vita Ray Chamber.


This object is in the room to add to the story, it is supposed to suggest that the scientist and the medic are not really sure how to use the machine so they have a manual.

Week 4

The Bunker room will mainly be made from concrete, which was taken from textures.com, after the room the assets textures ore our own.

IMG_1212 bunker_layout


I really enjoyed this task as I love arts and crafts and designing. Some of it was a little difficult in relation to making all the models for the shoebox as they didn’t always stick together and holding them was tricky due to their size.

I feel fairly pleased with the outcomes of my layouts, since completing them some of the textures have changed as in relation to the floors as I feel it didn’t quite fit in with the idea of a bunker.

To rectify the issue with the size of the models to go into the shoebox I ended up using crafting tweezers to hold them together while they dried and for the textures I just tested a few different ones out for the floor until I was happy with the look and feel.

week 5: Unit 5: Production Skills

Ambiance and Atmosphere

Problem: When creating game environments what problems could you face in terms of creating ambiance and atmosphere and how would you solve them.

The difference between ambiance and atmosphere is that ambiance depends on where you are as in the forest will have a natural ambiance and a factory will have a more mechanical ambiance.

Atmosphere is the feeling the music gives you, you could have a dark castle with light music and you could feel quite relaxed but add some deep base slow music and it could give off a scary atmosphere.

For this task we chose a random location and mood and we had to create an ambiance track for this. I picked cave with a horror theme. I found water drip sounds and whisper clips and i added these to a track with silent intervals and a scream at the end. The water drips had an echo to them which helped create the idea of being in the cave. The other students figured out that is was supposed to be a cave with a scary theme.

Creating Ambiance

The problems with creating ambiance is that you may not be able to get the required sound due to external noises from people in a woods talking for example or cars on a road nearby.

The ambiance noise i chose for my audio was a generator in the background and electrical sparks.

I had some trouble getting the generator sound as the source of my sound was a sensory bubble machine at my daughter’s nursery and every time i went to record their were families and babies there which is understandable considering it is a children’s center but it took me nearly 90 seconds to get about 3 seconds of usable sound. Luckily it was a pretty monotonous sound so i could loop it.


The sound after I had added production effects did sound better as I turned the volume down a bit so it wasn’t so over powering in my audio log.


This task was interesting as I feel I gained a lot more experience from Audacity in this project.

There are points that can be improved, for example I am not totally happy with the sound of the monster at the end of the audio log and the voice actor parts could be adjusted slightly to match the emotions that are going on at the time.


Term 2: Week 3 – 5: Dev Diary: Story Development


For this weeks story development we had to do an individual task as well as a group task for creating a synopsis. We completed a quiz based on guessing what the book, game or film was based on the synopsis. As a group we then had to break down the synopsis to their basics.


Bio shock Synopsis:

The synopsis that we worked on was Bio Shock, I got from this that it started off with a basic outline of what was going on, the character was being hunted by two different factions, one being mutated citizens and the other being powerful forces, it then tells you where it is, a mysterious world called rapture so you know what type of genre it is also. text2mindmap

Age Of Napoleon Individual Synopsis

“Caught up in a campaign of destruction and carnage lead by an infamous dictator and his formidable army. Europe Falls.

With unlimited power and the greatest minds, Napoleon believes he is supreme. With nothing but determination to survive an a stolen piece of the Tesseract, can you destroy the dynasty?”

Age Of Napoleon Group Synopsis

“The year is 1843, England is on its last legs. Napoleon and his army which are fuelled by the ancient power of the Tesseract, has made their mark on Europe and is attempting to re-write history.

A small band of rebels in the heart of Canterbury believe they may be onto something by infusing humans with raw Tesseract power.

After waking up in a cold bunker you once called home to the resistance you realise that the experiment went horrendously wrong and everyone has gone.

With Great Britain being invaded you can either fight to protect everything the resistance stood for or fight for your own survival.

Which path will you choose?”

Week 4 – Environmental Story

Outside the bunker Napoleon is attacking and waging war on the rebels within Canterbury, the rebels are fighting back where they can within reasons to taking control of supplies through the tunnels underneath the Cathedral and within the bunker the scientist and medic are planning to create a Super Soldier to help fight Napoleon but the experiment goes horribly wrong and the test subject is horribly mutated and wipes out everyone in the bunker and is trapped there.

Week 5 – Player Story

The character that is in the game came to be in the bunker years after it had been “deserted”, they are part of the rebel alliance or whats left of it, there looking for supplies but soon things turn nasty as they piece together what actually happened to the rebels that were occupying the bunker. They fit in with my room by looking for supplies such as medicine etc and then hear the audio logs, there is no direct correlation between the person who is investigating the bunker except that they are looking to see what happened. curiosity mainly.


I feel that the opening sentence of my individual synopsis it was short and powerful. I was not impressed with my second paragraph though, it felt like it lacked impact so when we came back together to work as a group and listen to the rest of the groups synopsis’s we agreed that some were stronger and contained the right amount of information to still be intriguing. we ended up using the synopsis’s of two different people and taking different parts and putting them together to make the synopsis that is written above.

I feel like some of the wording should be changed and I did change one or two words band of resistance to band of rebels and added which to the sentence of Napoleon and his army.




Term 2:Week 3: Skills Diary: Book


This week we were shown how to make a book using a rectangle shape in 3DS Max for our bunker.


We made a box shape in 3DS max and inset it on 3 sides and extruded it on local normal to create the basic shape depicting the pages. I then connected the edges and scaled it down to create the indent for where the book would bend slightly when opened. I then had to connect any verts together to create tris instead of quads.

UVW Unwrap

In the unwrap I had to connect any edges that would of been one before I flattened the unwrap, I stitched together several sides for the pages and the edge of the book.

On some of the parts of the unwrap I had to break a few apart to make it better to texture by right clicking and selecting break from the menu.

Once I had finished this I rendered the unwrap and saved it.


I opened up the render in Photoshop and added the texture that I found on textures.com (two actually, one which was a book cover and the other was one for pages).

I had to cut the spine of the book texture away from the rest of the book texture to get it to fit nicely and place everything else where I wanted it to. I then applied the texture onto my model in 3DS max which resulted in the following finished model:

I have since made a different book which is an open book which I plan to have lying on the floor of my bunker, I had to make my own reference for this as I couldn’t find a suitable picture on the internet. I found a paper back and laid it on the floor and took a photo of it and added it to a plain in 3DS max.


I made my own texture for the cover of the book as I wanted it to be an owners manual of a Vita-Ray Chamber and as they don’t exist I made one myself.


This was a straightforward simple task in creating a book, to mange the tri count was very simple and easy enough to add to the view port by going to configure view port and going to the statistics tab and selecting what i want displayed and selecting make visible in viewport and selecting only apply to current viewport.

With creating the first book I didn’t really have any issues except maybe an organisational one where I missed seeing the demonstration on one section in how to dip next the spine of the book.

To counter measure this issue would be to watch the demonstration and take detailed notes to help understand all the steps needed to create the object.

Term 2: Week 3: Dev Diary: Story Development


Stories can be told in so many ways, through music, art, the news, films, dance, theatre and books to name a few. Stories are about expression, they are used to portray feelings and imagination of someone and their world to someone else whether it be fictional or non fictional.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been looking at stories within video games, we have discussed about how stories can be told and how objects help.