Term 3: Week 5: Pitch Preperation

Final Pitch Preperation

FMP Presentation – PowerPoint

Design Document

Design Document

Lead Character

Jessica Polinski:

  • 22 Years of Age
  • Female
  • English
  • Long black hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Pierced Ears
  • Height 5’ 3”
  • Weight 8.2 Stone

Jessica studied at CCCU and wanted to learn more after her course finished so she travelled to Japan.

The character has a small effect on the environment. Jessica is there to explore myths and Legends of Japan and stumbles across the story of Amaterasu. Also deemed to be Okami, Chibiterasu is her son but no one is sure who the father is. Is it Waka?


The story and art style will make my work fit into the genre I have chosen for my FMP.

The environment is set in Kyoto on the Island of Honshu in the modern day because it is about looking back at history of Japan and Kyoto because of its culture.

The environment is basically there for storytelling, the game mechanics such as Dynamic Gravity and Teleport is the only thing that will actually happen in it. The story of the environment is based on Japanese Culture and how the Islands were created.

The point of interest in my environment will be the game mechanics.

Asset List

  • Cherry Blossom Tree: –  texture resolution (2048 x 2048) tri count: – 15,000
  • Bridge: –  texture resolution (2048 x 2048) tri count: -9,000
  • Waterfall: –  texture resolution (1024 x 1024): – 50
  • Japanese posters: –  texture resolution (1024 x 1024): –
  • Archways: –  texture resolution (2048 x 2048): – 8,000 x 2
  • Cave: –  texture resolution (1024 x 1024) tri count: – 4,000
  • Scrolls: –  texture resolution (1024 x 1024): – 50 each x 6
  • Walls:- texture resolution (2048 x 2048) tri count: – 100 each x 12
  • Pillars:- texture resolution (2048 x 2048) tri count: – 1,400 each x 12
  • Gates:- texture resolution (2048 x 2048) tri count: – 2,000
  • Wolf:- texture resolution (2048 x 2048) tri count: – 1,500 x 2
  • Shrine:-texture resolution (2048 x 2048) tri count: – 3,000
  • Earth Platform: –  texture resolution (1024 x 1024): – 300
  • Hell/Heaven Platform: –  texture resolution (1024 x 1024): -200
  • Ambience track



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Term 3:Week 4: Research


Review of existing work:

  • Mechanics:
      • Prey
      • Prey is relevant because of the gravity that is present within the game as it is the basis for the Dynamic Gravity that i’m trying to re create in the game I want to make.
    • Portal 2
    • I like the portal effect in this and felt it would be apt for the game I want to create because I want the player to be transported to another realm almost and this looked like the best way to do it.
  • Genre
    • Tsukihime – Japanese Tea Ceremony – Culture

    • I chose this reference because I want my game to be based on culture and I have only found a few games that fit in with what im trying to create, Okami is also a games based on culture.

Art Style

The art style for traditional Japanese art has a limited colour pallet but it is instantly recognisable throughout many different anime movies from summer wars to Princess Kaguya, I feel it keeps in tune with what the Japanese are about, simple life, connections to many things, but a spiritual connection, like with nature itself.

Okami uses the traditional art style that I want to use for my game, I want to do it this way because I wanted to keep the theme inline with a specific art-style because I didn’t want it photo-realistic because I wanted to create something with a bit of mystery about it and felt that it would be better served in a way that the player didn’t feel in the real world almost.

Experiment with prototype

Mechanics prototype for FMP so I knew that Dynamic Gravity and teleportation would work.

Why is it important and what do you hope to learn?

Create and experiment

Doing research and creating prototypes is important because the research allows you to explore different avenues not previously thought of and the prototypes  help you visualize the project without going into detail, or for concept art to see what style could work, perspective maybe, in my case it was the mechanics, my FMP would have been totally different if the Dynamic Gravity hadn’t of worked.

Art Style

Research on the art style has helped tremendously, I was really unsure about the art style for my FMP. The only thing I knew was that i didn’t want it to photo realistic.

After a bit of feedback I looked into different art styles stemming from the Japanese, as in traditional and contemporary; new and old and not forgetting east and west styles.

It is important because it is helping shape my FMP and I hope to learn more about the different art styles in the hope that i can bring it into my own style and create something unique.


The research I did for the prototype was important because i needed to look into Blueprints, c++ and several Unreal-engine forums to get the required answers to get the gravity to shift. Without this it would not of worked.


Photography is important for references, I have used this only once so far for this FMP and that was to take a photo of a cherry blossom tree when the petals are falling, I learnt how the petal fell so hopefully i can re-create this using a particle system in UE4.

How will it help your FMP?

This has helped me develop my ideas for my FMP to make it a better one I believe. It has helped me think about planning, interactivity and aesthetics.


This exercise in research has had a positive effect on my plan for the FMP. But it has also got me to a crossroads where I have more questions than answers and more ideas/thoughts on what to do than i know what to do with.

I think I am going to have to take parts of several areas of these ideas and see if i can get them to work alongside each other.


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