Week 5: The 3D Diorama


This task follows on from work we were doing in Westgate Gardens where we had to take pictures of Foliage that was present. I had to use an image of a tree as a reference and try and recreate it as best as i could in 3DS max and add an alpha map for the grass.


Finished tree model


Here I added another plane underneath the tree and added a grass texture to it.


For the grass I had a look on textures.com but found it hard to find a texture that i was happy with. I chose one from the ground plants section in the end.

I applied the texture onto the plane in 3DS max and hit a problem, it didn’t look right at all. The next thing i did was launch Photoshop to try and edit the image.

In Photoshop i created an opacity map and a diffuse map, i did this by creating a new layer and filing the background with green and dragging the bottom layer to the top to get this:


Next i had to create a diffuse map, so i filled in the background with black and changed the levels so the leaves appeared white, which looked like this:


After applying these to the plane i had created in 3DS max i managed to get it to look O.K and was fairly happy with it. I copied the planes a few times and rendered it and saved the images and did some screen captures and this is my end result.



I could of done this task better by taking an image of a tree myself and maybe taking a couple more angles of the tree for reference purpose as the back appeared more guess work than anything.

Apart from that i am quite happy how it turned out and having to create the opacity and diffuse map myself made it feel like i had achieved something a bit more because it solved a problem i had with the original texture i downloaded from Textures.com


Week 1: Health and Safety

To work safely while using the equipment in the media department i need to take regular breaks and make sure the height of my chair is OK in order to prevent neck injuries. Drinks must not be kept on the floor due to plug sockets and my bags must be kept out of the way to avoid incidents where someone could trip over them.

week 4 3ds max tree

This weeks’ task in 3DS Max was to create a tree, i started of with a cylinder from which i had to edit several vertices to get the desired shape after i had beveled it several times to get it to look the right shape. After that i selected the top part of the tree and copied it to make branches, after shrinking them and maneuver them to the correct position I created an account with textures.com to find a texture for the leaves. After selecting one and downloading it i placed it into Photoshop, i applied a mask and saved it Back in 3DS max i created a plane and added the texture to it and after rotating and cloning and adjusting the size of all the planes containing the texture my tree was complete. I did try and texture the trunk of the tree but this proved to be unsuccessful as its appearance was not what i had hoped for.


Week 3: 3D Environment


For this task I had to create a 3D environment, at first it seemed fairly simple, I had to create a box and then extrude it in several places to create rooms. After I had completed the environment to how I wanted I added some more boxes to represent kitchen cabinets and added lighting, that part I found a little bit more tricky to get it exactly how I wanted it to look.




I found this task a bit tricky in the way of getting the lighting levels right. The attenuation was slightly off but I feel if I had just spent more time adjusting the settings then it could of come off better. I managed to get one room looking OK in terms of lighting but that was when it was supposed to suggest that a lamp had fallen over and so it was close to the ground where I wanted a limited range on the light anyway.

If I had to do it again I would definitely set up the lighting differently with perhaps no lighting in one room, just to have it bleed through from another so some sections of the room are in complete darkness to give it more of a scary feeling to it as though something could be hiding in the shadows.

Week 2 It’s All About The Bass!!

Last week I took part in a sound experiment, Our lecturer place a speaker inside a bin liner and placed a pool of oil over one speaker and water over the other, we took it in turns to connect / play two audio files through the speakers and we had to observe what effect it had on the oil and water,