Week 6: The Sound Of Foliage

When dubbing a game play clip from Limbo last week there were quite a few processes, originally I recorded some sound using paper in a group to be used to dub the clip.


Week 1 Concept Art Comparison


Basic shapes are used to create 3D worlds because shapes are the building blocks of everything, from your hoover which is mainly cylinders to TV’s, phones and computers which are mainly cuboids.

Week 1: Communication of 3D

Horns – bad cg?

I could pick up a few more points on why this looked bad, the throat didn’t expand yet a giant snake was forcing its way down his throat, the clothes didn’t wrinkle right with the fact that so many snakes were wrapping themselves around his torso and I feel that his arms should have been more straight down by his sides if several snakes were wrapping themselves around him. Plus Daniel Radcliffe as the devil standing in the background looked really rubbish in my opinion.