Week 4: Westgate Gardens Trip

Today (22/10/2015) I paid a visit to Westgate Gardens as part of a trip with the college to conduct research on Foliage. The weather wasn’t that brilliant today as it was overcast but I still managed to get some good shots for the time of year as it wasn’t too dark.


Week 4 Preparations for Westgate Gardens Trip

Next week i am going on a trip to Westgate Gardens here in Canterbury. While i am there i will be spending time doing some primary research on the foliage that is found there, I will be doing this by photographing and drawing different types of foliage. 

Week 1: Unit 2 Primary and Secondary Research

The difference between primary and secondary research is that primary research is information you find out for yourself direct from the source whereas secondary research could be someone’s opinion or a review about a certain product you would like to buy in a magazine.

Primary research could be a photo taken by you or a drawing of a forest for a project you are working on and you need it for referencing purposes, it could be something you have learnt from speaking to someone or it could be data gained from a questionnaire.

Secondary research can be obtained from many different sources, they could be websites or e-zines, newspaper articles, radio, peoples’ opinions or books.
Quantitive research could come from bar and pie charts, statistic reports or questionnaires that’s answers required ratings whereas Qualitive research would be peoples ‘opinions again obtained from questionnaires/surveys.

My primary research on the mobile phones would be experience, I have had a Sony Xperia (and still do have it) and recently bought an IPhone 5 so I can give a personal opinion on what phone I think is better for me.

For secondary research I used the Carphone Warehouse website to compare 5 different phones based on their specs and tariff plans/upfront costs.




I completed different types of research for this task because I required more information than what was available on the phone companies websites. To know the specs of a phone are all well and good but to know how the consumer operates the device in question is extremely useful as the device in question could have an amazing spec like a 23mp camera and 32mb storage but at the end of the day it could be slow or too bulky or the battery life could be really disappointing or on the other hand could be quite a good phone, so user reviews like mine of my old Xperia (which I still use as a glorified mp3 player because I like the Walkman software on it) can be really useful to a consumer.


Carphone warehouse. 2015. Carphone Warehouse. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.carphonewarehouse.com/mobiles/. [Accessed 25 September 15].