Week 7: How to be an explorer


The task for this week was to draw a 1 and 2 point perspective drawing focusing on the vanishing and horizon line. I am doing this task to improve my knowledge and my skills in drawing from different perspectives, i hope that i can use this knowledge when i come to completing any 3D work for games etc. in the future.


Week 5: Qualitative and Quantitative Research

This week we have been concentrating on foliage, so in groups we conducted research into the way foliage is conveyed in video games.

We used qualitive and quantitive research for this task and did it in to different forms, we used a paper questionnaire and we also used survey monkey.

Week 2 It’s All About The Bass!!

Last week I took part in a sound experiment, Our lecturer place a speaker inside a bin liner and placed a pool of oil over one speaker and water over the other, we took it in turns to connect / play two audio files through the speakers and we had to observe what effect it had on the oil and water,