Week 7: The Player Experience


Assassin’s Creed: Unity was released November 2014.

This game was released before it was truly finished because the developers wanted the game to be released in time for Christmas, (games sometimes are released unfinished to meet deadlines because it has to go to manufacturers to get the discs made and ready for shipping/shipped to stores ready for release. This gives developers a bit more time to write bug fixes which is usually released as a day one DLC: – which clearly didn’t work in this instance)  but with that came many mistakes in the way of bugs in the game, players could fall through floors, see characters rendered without skin and even have cut-scenes interrupted by NPC’s.


Week 5: The Player Experience

Audiences are important to a games developer because they can advertise your game for you, whether it be good or bad advertisement. if it is a good game then they will tell a few people, if it is a bad game then they are more likely to tell a few more people.